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Hedge Fund Application Hosting: Eze OMS, Tradar, Advent (to name a few)

By Kulvinder Gill | Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Hedge funds and alternative investment firms rely on a host of financial applications for their day-to-day operations: order and execution management, portfolio management and accounting, risk management, and more. And with the ability to host these applications in the cloud, firms are able to leverage all of the typical benefits associated with cloud-based services including reduced costs, increased flexibility and scalability and added resiliency and redundancy.

While there are countless applications in the marketplace designed to meet the unique needs of investment management firms, we thought we’d highlight a few here that our hedge fund clients use regularly to support their trading operations.

Order/Execution Management

Via an OMS solution, hedge fund firms have the ability to review performance, exposure and risk profiles in real time, monitor pre- and post- trade compliance results and enhance audit trails on a daily basis.


Respondents from our 2011 Hedge Fund Operations & Technology Benchmark Study overwhelmingly named Eze OMS as their order management system of choice. Part of the ConvergEx Group, Eze Castle Software’s Eze OMS is used by more than 400 buy-side firms worldwide and “provides functionality to support portfolio management, compliance, trading and operations in a single platform.”

Portfolio Management/AccountingHedge Fund Cloud Computing eBook

A hedge fund’s portfolio management system is arguably its most critical daily application. With a PMS, investment firms can make real-time trading decisions as well as capture daily trading activity via an integrated technology platform.

Tradar’s Insight

Tradar’s Insight platform is available for the front, middle and back office and offers “improved efficiency by reducing costs, mitigating operational risk and by providing full portfolio transparency.” More than 200 global firms with assets ranging from $10mm to $10bn use Insight on a daily basis to control their trade processing and reporting.

Advent’s Geneva

Geneva – once considered solely a back office accounting platform – has evolved into a fully integrated portfolio management tool for hedge funds, asset managers, family offices, and fund administrators, and is currently supported by more than 250 firms worldwide. Geneva’s features include real-time, out-of-the-box dashboards for accurate P&L, general ledger and NAV calculation, and middle-office functionality such as trade capture and allocation.

If you’re a fund-of-fund, family office or pension/endowment fund, be sure to read up on Ledgex – a comprehensive platform that delivers portfolio management and monitoring, investor relations, reporting, security and compliance.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of hosting your hedge fund applications in the cloud.

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