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Ledgex Systems Adds Fund Reconciliation & PE Enhancements

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

As a general rule we don’t post articles on press releases, but for our friends at Ledgex Systems we are going to make an exception. They just released version 4.0 of their product.

Ledgex Systems is a software provider targeting the alternative asset management industry – primarily multi-fund managers and private equity firms. Since officially launching in 2010, Ledgex Systems has signed many new clients and invested greatly in expanding the functionality of its flagship product, Ledgex. Today they released Ledgex 4.0.

The Ledgex platform gives alternative asset managers the ability to systematically manage their portfolios, perform complex liquidity scenarios, and provide robust reporting, both internal and external to the firm.

Version 4.0 introduces Ledgex Reconciliation, a new module that provides an automated method for users to systematically import data from their administrators and compare it with existing portfolio data. Ledgex Reconciliation greatly simplifies the manual reconciliation process that various functional groups within a firm are tasked with performing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The new version also includes enhancements that private equity firms should appreciate including advancements in the ability to track in–depth account level details and provide a quick analysis and calculations of account assets and returns.

In case you aren’t well versed in all Ledgex has to offer, here is a recap of the other platform components:

  • Ledgex Workbench, a streamlined portfolio planning module which consolidates portfolio management activity into a central workspace. Ledgex Workbench allows users to perform complex scenario-based trade planning, customized ‘what if’ analysis, and complex liquidity modeling for all future portfolio activity.

  • Ledgex Manager, a comprehensive portfolio management system for fund of funds, private equity firms, endowments, family offices and fund administrators. Ledgex Manager solves the need for advanced portfolio management and administration and provides the ability to manage the investment pipeline, perform due diligence, track fund estimates and manage the final valuation processes.

  • Ledgex Monitor, a fully customizable investment monitoring system. Ledgex Monitor provides the tools necessary to monitor and track firm-defined fund attributes for detailed analysis, fund attribution, and transparency reporting.

  • Ledgex Investor Relationship Management (IRM) for managing quantitative and qualitative data for a firm’s investors and hedge fund or private equity interests.

  • Ledgex Alerts enables individuals or groups at a firm to monitor internal and external activity, content, business data, and relevant industry information.

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