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Four Trends Shaping Hedge Fund Technology (in 2011)

By Kulvinder Gill | Thursday, December 1st, 2011

It goes without saying that technology has reshaped the hedge fund industry and continues to do so more and more each year. This evolution was the focus of conversations our managing director, Vinod Paul, had over the last week with clients and reporters during his visit to London. Reflecting on 2011, some of the hedge fund technology trends that have made the biggest impact on the industry this year include:

  • Cloud Computing – You probably knew this would top our list.  Adoption of cloud technology continues to grow, especially as concerns around cloud security ease thanks to technology advances and education. Eze Castle Integration has invested millions in our Eze Private Cloud and today has nearly 160 clients utilising our cloud services.

  • Virtualisation – This technology is becoming commonplace in both on-premise and hosted IT environments and we expect that trend to continue through 2012.

  • Social Media – Business communications have evolved from purely email-based to now include social media platforms from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. As such, hedge funds are challenged to create social media policies (or not) that guide users' actions in these communities. Participation in social media forums will surely continue to increase in 2012 so firms should consider how a social enterprise will impact their firm (either positively or negatively).

  • Smart Phones and Mobile Applications – Apple has changed the game with its mobile devices, and today iPhones and iPads are becoming the norm, rather than the exception, for hedge fund professionals. The growing array of mobile devices and applications challenges IT to protect company data while fulfilling user demands for device autonomy.

Beyond technology discussions, part of Vinod's trip included attending the London Hedge Funds Care Open Your Heart Benefit. Vinod is a member of the New York City Committee of Hearts for HFC. Here is a picture of our team before they headed out for the benefit.

Eze Castle Attending Hedge Funds Care

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