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WAN Optimization for Remote Users: Is It Right for Your Firm?

By Dina Ferriero | Thursday, November 17th, 2011

When we introduced our readers to the concept of WAN optimization a few months ago, we looked at the various efficiency and budgetary benefits this technology can provide for hedge funds and other alternative investment organizations. To take these advantages one step further, I recently sat down with Matt Jones, our telecommunications technology manager here at Eze Castle, to learn more about how WAN optimization is benefitting our clients, especially those whose employees frequently work remotely.

riverbed wan optimization technologyMatt and I discussed how WAN optimization technology providers offer solutions that enable large volumes of data to be transmitted across telecommunication lines with minimal bandwidth. Through new products that are entering the marketplace, such as Riverbed’s Steelhead Mobile technology, employees can have LAN-like access to all of their important files and documents – just as they would if they were seated at their desks in the office – without incurring the steep costs involved with increasing bandwidth.

Why should my firm use this technology?

In an age where mobile computing has become commonplace, the ability to seamlessly complete one’s daily activities via a laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world is crucial to maintaining operational efficiency. Issues such as bandwidth constraints, high-latency environments and application protocol inefficiencies often plague mobile users and hinder productivity and collaboration. WAN optimization eliminates these challenges by moving data rapidly without adding costly bandwidth. This results in many advantages for remote users, including:WAN optimization

  • Web-based applications can be run 20-60 times faster
  • Rapid document downloading and transfers for speedy collaboration
  • Streamlined communication between employees regardless of physical location
  • Significant reduction in bandwidth utilization levels
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Decreased costs resulting from reduced data charges

How does it work?

Technology such as the Steelhead Mobile product is installed on an employee’s laptop or desktop PC and connects via the Internet to his or her mobile devices. Its activity is completely transparent to the user, so he or she does is not burdened with having to learn a new tool or change any existing processes. With this technology running in the background, the only difference the individual will notice is an enhanced mobile computing experience.

Looking for more information on WAN optimization for mobile users? Interested in whether this technology might be beneficial for your hedge fund or investment firm? Contact the Eze Castle Communications Team, or learn more about this technology on our website

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