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A Winning Team in Action: The Eze Castle Help Desk Spotlight

By Dina Ferriero | Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

As we mentioned in our Help Desk FAQs article a few weeks ago, we recently completed a comprehensive profile on our Help Desk team. This includes an in-depth look at all areas of the department, including the various sub-groups housed within the Help Desk, the team’s client request escalation procedures, professional development and ongoing skills enhancement provided to all team members.

While completing this document, we also created a video depicting our Client Support Center and the team members in action. (You may also remember last year’s video, featuring our director of Help Desk services, Dan Kummer, and associate director, Andre Chinkan.) This year’s video introduces viewers to several members of the Eze Castle Help Desk staff, who take us through many of the team’s most important functions and services. Check it out!


In addition to the video, here are some of our favorite excerpts from the Help Desk team profile:

  • Like most outsourced Help Desks, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance at Eze Castle Integration. We use a number of different methods to obtain and analyze client feedback, as we feel that maintaining a continuous flow of information between our team and our customers is vital in providing superior service.

  • Effective teamwork is essential to the success of any Help Desk. At Eze Castle Integration, it is crucial in day-to-day Help Desk operations. In order to build an environment which both enables and encourages team work, we have created a centralized Help Desk environment. The majority of our Help Desk analysts are located in the same office in our New York City Support Center. Instead of being divided by cubicle walls, the team sits next to one another on an open trade desk. This allows for easy communication and knowledge sharing throughout the day. It also allows newer team members to learn and gain experience more rapidly, as they are able to listen while more senior analysts converse with clients and resolve issues.

  • One of the team’s top priorities is to maintain a personal touch in all interactions with our clientele. We make every effort to show customers that when they experience an issue or have a question regarding their technology, they can speak with a live Eze Castle Integration analyst regardless of day, time or location.

  • When determining which technological tools to implement to support our Help Desk operations, one major consideration is the scalability of the technology. Our organization is constantly expanding and gaining new business, so we are careful to ensure that our Help Desk technology will have the ability to grow as we do.

Want to learn more about what makes a great Help Desk? Check out these articles, or contact an Eze Castle Integration expert!

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