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What to Expect from a Help Desk: Eze Help Desk FAQs

By Dina Ferriero | Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work putting together our submission for this year’s Help Desk Institute Team Excellence Awards. These awards honor top Help Desk teams that consistently demonstrate excellence in customer service and support, focusing specifically on the people, processes, and technologies of the teams.  You might remember our award video from last year.

In talking with our Help Desk leaders, specifically Dan Kummer (our Director of Help Desk Services) and Andre Chinkan (Associate Director of Help Desk Services), we identified a number of questions they hear repeatedly from our clients regarding what to expect when working with the Help Desk. So, to help clear some of these up, we’ve put together a set of Help Desk FAQs.

Q: What types of support does the Help Desk provide to clients?

A: The Eze Castle Help Desk (aka "the Desk") provides outsourced IT support for all clients across all regions. Specifically, the team provides technical support, including both server/client and desktop support. Help Desk analysts handle incoming calls and emails, and use all resources necessary to help resolve issues.

Eze Castle Help Desk Pic

In addition to the basic support that is provided via telephone, the Help Desk Resource Coordination team (a sub-group of the Desk) assists clients by providing access to on-site support. These individuals coordinate field engineer visits to clients' offices if an issue calls for that level of support.

The Help Desk Client Maintenance team (another sub-group) provides proactive maintenance to each of our clients across all regions on a quarterly basis. This helps to detect and address any potential technical issues before they arise or are brought to the attention of the client.

Q: What do I do if I am faced with a technical issue late at night or on the weekends?

A: The Eze Castle Help Desk team services all clients in every region on a 24x7x365 basis. The Desk is staffed around the clock with knowledgeable and experienced IT support analysts, and a manager is always either seated at the Desk or on call for assistance if needed.

Q. How can I be sure the analyst who takes my call will be knowledgeable enough to handle my issue?

A: The Eze Castle Help Desk leaders make it a top priority to hire only the best and brightest team members, and ensure that each employee is equipped with the necessary training and resources to provide top quality service to our clients. They work closely with our internal professional development team to provide both technical training and soft skill development to the Help Desk staff. The team frequently takes online courses and watches educational videos on various technologies in order to advance their skills on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, Help Desk analysts sit on an open trade desk, as opposed to segregated cubicles, so that knowledge sharing is both easy and encouraged. So if one analyst does not know the answer to a client’s question, he or she can speak directly with nearby colleagues to help resolve the issue. All analysts also have access to a vast array of resources housed on our internal Wiki, which serve as helpful reference materials for challenging questions.

Q: If the Help Desk analyst who answers my call does not know the answer to my question, how will it get resolved?

A: If leveraging the knowledge of fellow analysts on the Desk and online reference materials are not enough to fully resolve the issue, or if it requires onsite field support, Help Desk analysts will escalate the query via a formalized escalation procedure. Specific processes are in place for both normal business hours as well as nights and weekends, so clients can be assured that any resources necessary to resolve their problem will be employed to do so regardless of day or time.

Q: What if my problem persists or recurs?

A: Following any interaction with the Help Desk, clients receive a follow-up email or call from the analyst to ensure that the issue has been completely resolved. If for any reason the problem still persists, the analyst will then re-examine it and bring in other resources if necessary.

If the problem recurs again in the future and the client needs to place another call to the Desk, analysts can quickly review the original issue as well as what steps were taken in attempts to resolve it, so that the same tactics are not repeated and the client does not have to provide the same information over and over again.

Q: How can I provide feedback to Help Desk management on my experience?

A: Each member of the Help Desk team has a link to our client feedback survey in his or her email signature. When a client receives a follow-up email post-interaction, which is standard, the client can click on this link and provide feedback directly to the leaders of the Help Desk team. Also, when a new client is brought onboard, they are supplied with direct telephone numbers and email addresses of each of our Help Desk leaders, so that they can contact them directly at any time if they so choose.

Eze Castle Outsourced IT Support datasheet

Want to learn more about our awesome Help Desk? Check out our video from last year’s Help Desk Institute Awards, or read these great Hedge IT articles:

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