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Three Reasons the Private Cloud is Just like Olympic Curling

By Kaleigh Alessandro | Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Have you been enamored by the coverage of the Winter Olympics the last two weeks? We sure have. And watching all of these great sports we don’t normally get the chance to witness got us thinking – there are a lot of similarities between technology and Olympic sports. They’re both complex in many ways and require experts (engineers and athletes) who are the best of the best at what they do.
One of our favorite sports to watch is curling. And we couldn’t help but notice that Olympic curling and the private cloud are a lot alike. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

Both are safe and secure.

Let’s be honest: curling clearly presents the least amount of danger and lowest risk for injury at the Winter Olympics. Skiing and snowboarding? We’ve seen our fair share of wipeouts this year. Bobsled, luge and skeleton? Those are terrifying enough just as a spectator. Even figure skating poses a risk when skaters are leaping and twizzling left and right.
But curling? Extremely safe. Athletes can be fairly certain – whether they are curling or sweeping – that they will come out of the event unscathed.
Similarly, users in a professionally managed private cloud environment can rest assured their data and infrastructure are safe and secure. As an investment manager, you should not have to worry about the integrity of your firm’s assets and applications. In a private cloud environment, your infrastructure is protected and monitored by technical experts 24x7x365. To have complete confidence in your firm’s cloud environment, inquire about specific security measures your cloud provider takes to ensure your firm is protected at all times.

Both have a global presence.

Global Cloud
Photo Credit: iStockPhoto

Okay, technically this applies to all Olympic sports, but the countries competing for medals in curling this year cover a wide geography. Male and female athletes from Great Britain, Canada, Sweden, China and Switzerland are vying for Olympic medals this week, and we think it’s great to see so many regions showing off their premier athletes on a global platform.
A cloud platform can only properly support your firm on a global level if it also has a global presence. When looking for a cloud provider, look for a company that can support your operations with data center facilities and employees on the ground in multiple locations. We’re proud to say our Eze Private Cloud supports investment firm users across the world – in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia.

Both require specific technique.

Olympic Curling
Photo Credit: Jonathan Pope from Vancouver, Canada; cropped by Beyond My Ken

At first glance, curling might seem like a simple sport. But in fact, it requires an incredible amount of concentration and skill. The curler (or thrower) is responsible for the delivery of the stone, lunging forward and releasing the stone along the ice. The sweepers are then instructed to sweep the ice in front of the stone in an attempt to reduce friction and control the stone’s trajectory. Strategy and technique are critical to navigating the stone to a place within the house (that series of circle targets you see marked on the ice).
Think you could excel at curling? We’re willing to bet it’s harder than it looks.
Much like curling, the operation and management of a private cloud is not for the average person. Not everyone can design and manage a robust and secure private cloud platform. That’s why relying on an expert cloud provider can make a lot of sense, especially for busy hedge funds and investment management firms. When looking for a cloud services provider to support your firm, seek a company with expertise deploying cloud environments across the globe (see above) and supporting the unique needs of financial services firms. To make it easy, here is a list of questions to ask a potential cloud services provider during the evaluation process.

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Photo Credits: Wikipedia and Flickr

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