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Ledgex Tackles Liquidity Management Challenge for Fund of Funds

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Asset Allocator Liquidity Management Software Effectively managi­­ng liquidity and reporting within investment portfolios has been a struggle for fund of funds, institutional investors, pensions and endowments. No manager wants to in a position where their investor liquidity does not match portfolio liquidity but at the same time firms are trying to offer investors more frequent liquidity options as a competitive edge. In some case, investors are even asking for no liquidity limits.

To adapt to the changing liquidity risk landscape, firms are selecting portfolio management systems from companies like Ledgex Systems. Recently, Ledgex released the next generation of its portfolio management platform that delivers new liquidity management and manager research modules.  These new tools give firms real-time visibility into their existing and proposed portfolio liquidity options while providing the research and analytics that support the manager selection process.

The Ledgex Liquidity module provides an advanced liquidity modeling utility and reporting engine, which can generate all available options for accessing assets given certain conditions by processing each tranche and their respective trade characteristics with a manager’s liquidity terms. Ledgex can model 90% of the manager liquidity terms used in the industry.   

The Ledgex Research module combines CRM, document management and research management capabilities within a single system that removes silos and puts manager research in context with the entire investment portfolio management strategy. Ledgex Research allows investment professionals to efficiently manage, navigate and report on mass amounts of research data, while only acting on the right information. The module adapts to existing processes, from manager selection to manager monitoring, while providing a comprehensive tool to track firm defined manager attributes, including exposures, allocation weighting, attribution, AUM and investor concentration.

Ledgex Liquidity and Ledgex Research further enhance the existing Ledgex platform, which includes:

  • Ledgex Portfolio Manager, a comprehensive portfolio management system that allows managers to easy manage complex portfolio structures and look through these portfolios for exposure, performance and allocation weights.

  • Ledgex Workbench, a front office decision support tool for managing projected capital activity and fund activity and evaluating the impact that these decisions have on your portfolio.

  • Ledgex Investor Relations, a highly configurable tool designed specifically for managing communications, capital movements, meetings, and client interactions in a centralized system that brings organization to the investor relationship management (IRM) process.

Learn more about Ledgex at

Ledgex Liquidity Management for Asset Allocators, Family Offices

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