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Fireside Chat: Key Cybersecurity & ESG Considerations for PE Firms

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, June 8th, 2021
ECI’s VP of Business Development and Partnerships, Jamie Smith, shared key cybersecurity and ESG considerations for private equity firms at a recent industry event. Catch the full replay of the fireside chat below. 

Points of discussion include:

  • How firms should approach tabletop testing?

  • Do PE firms spend enough time practising their incident response plans, to best prepare themselves for when-not if-they experience a cyber breach?

  • What are the repercussions to PE firms who do not look at cybersecurity protection seriously enough in their portfolio companies? i.e. valuation impact. 

  • Dangers of treating cyber risk as merely a box ticking exercise

  • How is the cyber risk landscape evolving in respect to ESG?

  • Cybersecurity and ESG converge most keenly when it comes to risk and reputation management. How should firms approach this?

  • ESG is now commonly accepted as a value driver. How much does cybersecurity play a role in value creation?

Recent ransomware and cyber attacks call for caution. Reach out here to speak with one of our inhouse cyber experts to learn how you can make your security strategy more robust. 

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