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Hedge Fund Data Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

By Amisha Shah | Thursday, May 6th, 2021
In a recent panel discussion, Eze Castle Integration’s Director of International Technology, Jamie Smith, and SVP of Professional Services, Rich Itri, drilled into data strategy considerations and best practices for hedge funds in 2021 and beyond, with industry peers.

Watch the full panel replay below to listen in on the full discussion.

Key points of discussion include:

  • As the pandemic draws to an end, what does a good data strategy consist of?
  • As the new demands of data grows, how can we mitigate the strain on processes and systems?
  • Building a strategy and underlying environment to enable rapid acquisition of new data sources with a lower overhead
  • The art of democratisation and establishing a platform which powers users to share and leverage data within the firm
  • Hybrid workforce is likely to create a bevy of challenges, including information security. How can the industry overcome this?
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