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What's New in Microsoft Teams? Webinar Capabilities

By Amanda Daly | Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Last month in our monthly roundup of Microsoft updates, we talked about how Microsoft Teams is beating out Skype for Business, which is nearing it's end of life as of July 31, 2021. In this article, we will talk about new Microsoft Teams webinar capabilities.

Microsoft describes Teams as a collaboration tool that allows you to work remotely without feeling remote. microsoft-webinarThe newest webinar capabilities in Teams supports all of your communication needs, from small internal meetings to large virtual events. Soon, setting up and running webinars will be just as easy as scheduling meetings in Teams! With the new webinar capabilities, you can easily organize and conduct interactive webinars for people inside and outside of your organization with up to 1,000 attendees.

More than 1,000 attendees? Once your webinar grows to over 1,000 attendees, Teams will automatically transition to accommodate a 10,000-person view-only broadcast experience, including host moderation control that automatically disables attendees’ audio and video to prevent accidental presentation interruptions.

What will it include? 

  • Custom registration page creation with email confirmation for registrants

  • Reporting for registration and attendance

  • Host controls, such as the ability to disable attendee chat and video

  • Post-event reporting

  • Give select users the ability to create a registration page that supports external attendees. All other users would be able create a registration page for people inside the company.

Webinar hosts can easily add a custom attendee registration page to your meeting or webinar to manage attendance before and after any engagement. Following registration, attendees automatically receive an email confirmation for a simple join experience. Additionally, users will be able to add registrations for meetings and webinars for people within your organization and outside of it. Following your webinar, you can use reporting to understand attendee participation, e.g. who attended or how long they participated. You can download an attendee report to review, or use data to produce your own custom reports.

Microsoft will begin rollout at the end of April 2021, completing in May 2021. These capabilities will be available to all users with the following licenses: Office 365 or Microsoft 365 E3/E5/A3/A5/Business Standard/Business Premium. By default, all users within your company will be able to schedule webinars unless current policy configuration prohibits it. Your Teams admins are able to disable company wide webinar capabilities if necessary. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your business can collaborate optimally is by using a platform that utilizes the best tools and solutions, enabling your team members to work together frequently and easily, whenever and wherever they are.

Looking to utilize Microsoft Teams at your organization? Contact us today to get started!

Image source: Microsoft

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