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Building a Distributed Yet Collaborative Workforce with Hot Desking & Windows Virtual Desktop

By Amanda Daly | Thursday, March 11th, 2021
In an ever-changing world, companies are taking steps to provide adapted working environments so that employees can return to their offices - a . One way firms are addressing the major changes brought on by COVID-19 is by implementing hot desking supported by Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).

This article will take a look at how you can build a distributed yet collaborative workforce with hot desking & VDI. A hot desk system allows for a safer working environment where new seating capacities are followed, social distancing guidelines are met, and sanitation cleanings are more efficient. Windows VDI provides the technology necessary to allow users to access their desktops and applications from anywhere. Overall, this will provide a better work-life balance where employees can voluntarily return to the office and work in a collaborative environment. 

Hot desking as a socially distanced, return to the offce solution is going to look a lot different from how it used to look. The term came into use in the 90s and has been growing both in popularity and infamy as a solution involving shared desk spaces utilized by multiple people. In the summer of 2019, just one year ago, opinion articles from supporters and skeptics alike proliferated. It seemed to be a great experiment with the results—failure—almost conclusively in.

However, COVID-19 changed everything. Companies today are looking for opportunities to maintain employee safety while enabling in-offce collaboration. Through scheduling software and a virtual desktop environment, hot desking can keep employees safely apart, while still allowing them access to the offce environment many of them have come to miss. Hot desking and Windows VDI will open the door for many companies to navigate a safe and responsible return to the offce life that helps them thrive. Take a look at our whitepaper, Building a Distributed Yet Collaborative Workforce with Hot Desking and Windows Virtual Desktop to learn more. 

To learn more about how hot desking and VDI enable both remote work and a safe return to the office, check out our latest whitepaper: Building a Distributed Yet Collaborative Workforce with Hot Desking and Windows Virtual Desktop

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