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Improving Operational Efficiency Through Technology and Data for PE Firms (Panel Replay)

By Amisha Shah | Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021
Technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of private equity operations. 

Whether for back office functions, portfolio management or investor relations, the use of technology often promises improved efficiency. However, a lack of oversight and imprecise deployment can prove costly and ineffective. With a wide range of technology platforms available in the market, how can GPs choose the right partner and ensure a smooth integration with existing systems? 

Together, private equity industry experts and Eze Castle Integration’s SVP of Professional Services Rich Itri shared their experiences in this area in a recent panel discussion, covering the following points of discussion:

•    To what extent can technology play a role in deal sourcing and portfolio management?
•    How can GPs leverage technology to build better relationships with investors?
•    What are the keys to a successful digital transformation of private equity operations?
•    What can firms do to future-proof their workforce for increasingly digitized environments?

Watch the full replay below to listen in on the discussion!

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