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Vulnerability Management Best Practices to Combat Risk in 2021 (Webinar Replay)

By Olivia Munro | Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Vulnerability management has become a critical component of any holistic information security strategy. Yet, as we’ve seen in the past year, firms continue to fall victim to malicious breaches. Which, in part, is due to a lack of response to known vulnerabilities. Whilst many firms understand that annual scans are not enough to combat risks, they still struggle to prioritize resources to address vulnerabilities.  

Listen to experts from Eze Castle Integration share effective vulnerability management practices to keep up with the changing threat landscape. Points of discussion include:  

  • Identifying tangible vulnerabilities  

  • Determining important systems and prioritizing remediation  

  • Methods of reducing risk and remediating without patching  

  • Combating vulnerability management in a post Covid-19 world  


Register for the final tech talk on cloud migration here!

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