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Fireside Chat: Eze Castle’s Dean Hill + Jamie Smith Speak on Driving Digital Transformation in 2021

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021
2020 called for firms to put their best foot forward whilst navigating the unknown.

We learnt much about agility and adapting strategies, processes, technologies and much more to maintain business efficiency. Many have marked this past year to be a catalyst in driving a digital revolution. The quickening pace of change has seen many firms make technology advances in recent months that normally take years. 

In a recent fireside chat Eze Castle Integration’s Executive Director Dean Hill and Director of International Technology Jamie Smith reflect on how the pandemic accelerated business automation and share key takeaways to continue driving digital transformation in 2021. Watch the full discussion below.

For more expert discussion of digital transformation in asset management, tune in for our upcoming Eze Tactical Tech Talks series in February.

Eze Tech Talk Series
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