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What is Digital Transformation?

By Eze Castle Integration | Thursday, February 4th, 2021

'Digital transformation' is a buzzword phrase that has swept into countless businesses these days. However, like many of its vague predecessors, it's a term that not many people truly understand. We're here to break down the concept with a little help from Nathan Dionne, the Vice President of Digital Transformation at Eze Castle Integration. He shared his insights about what digital transformation is and how it applies to businesses all over the country.

A Change in Mindset

Digital transformation is less about building apps or migrating data to the cloud. At a fundamental level, it's about changing how you approach a problem. With all the technology available, businesses are still wasting time with manual data entry, printing documents, and creating one-off spreadsheets.

Often, it's not because the business is ignorant of better solutions but rather due to practical matters about what technology is best for the company and how to best integrate it. Managers might not want to disrupt employee patterns that have taken years to emerge, or introduce yet another system or program for people to learn. But as comfortable and familiar as these excuses are, they do little to help a company move forward.

The Theory of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about approaching the problem from a digital perspective, rather than evaluating the problem and then brainstorming digital solutions in the middle or toward the end. This shift in thinking not only helps the company save precious resources, it can also make for a smoother transition.

The principle of digital transformation is that if you start with a digital approach, the rest will follow. So whether the end result is automation or a new API, the initial goal is to start with the premise that modern technology will be the answer before plunging into the details.

For Dionne, digital transformation is rooted in efficiency. Ultimately, the goal is to make a company better, faster, and more productive. Processes are logical and easy for employees to follow. It also raises the bar for transparency, giving people the opportunity to delve into matters on a granular level so they can better communicate the specifics of the situation.

For more information on digital transformation and how it can impact your business, check out our Digital Transformation Resource Center.

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