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Panel Discussion Replay: Operations: Outsource everything? How Covid causes more focus on alpha

By Amanda Daly | Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Typically, a fundamental shift or digital transformation, such as a fully-remote workforce, comes with significant planning and is driven by the business. COVID-19 did not allow for long term planning and strategic projects. Organizations needed to pivot overnight, adding new licensing, products, services, processes, and equipment.

The onset of COVID-19 feeds into, and gives new relevance to, what has already been a growing trend of outsourcing trading activities. Hedge funds, investment manage firms, and more have been facing pressures of this shift. To learn more on this topic, Eze Castle Integration’s SVP, Professional Services Rich Itri, recently spoke on a panel to discuss outsourcing at the HFM US Virtual Symposium. 

Watch the full panel replay to listen on the full panel discussion. Topics for discussion included:

  • Hedge funds have been moving towards removing costs and concentrating entirely on alpha generation

  • How has coronavirus increased cost pressures and forced more outsourcing? 

  • Will we see outsourced trading move into Europe in the same way it has grown in the US? 

  • What has been the key trends in outsourcing this year? How have firms moved their tech off their books? 

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