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Panel Discussion Replay: Managing Change in a Volatile Market for Emerging Managers

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, November 24th, 2020
Building a fund capable of riding out any market ups and downs is a must for emerging managers looking to hit the ground running in 2021. 

As we have seen this year with the pandemic, firms have had to re-assess standard operational and compliance systems when adapting to the new norm of working from home. There are many considerations that come with adapting to a changing landscape. Funds must be able to change processes quickly if they are to survive, they must also be prepared to scale up and down, and change policies to match any new processes in order to remain compliant and keep up with regulations that apply to them.

Therefore, a strong strategy to survive in volatile markets must be created, as well as having an agile technology and infrastructure model in place to support any changes without disruptions. Eze Castle Integration’s Director of International Technology, Jamie Smith, recently spoke on managing change in a volatile market at the HFM EU Virtual Symposium. 

Watch the full panel replay to listen on the full panel discussion, which answers the following key questions emerging managers are likely to be asking themselves in today’s landscape:

•    As assets grow and shrink at phenomenal rates, how do you create a firm fit to operate in these markets?
•    How do you plan to scale up and down? How do you reduce operations when you lose assets?
•    How do you minimise complexity in the business? How do you grow and scale successfully? How do you reduce operational burdens?
•    How do you find automated IT solutions? How do you manage compliance and legal structures as you grow?
•    How do you manage cultural change as your firm grows? How do you manage your growing geographical footprint?

Are you an emerging manager looking to launch soon? Get in touch, and lets talk about building an infrastructure to support your fund through the good and bad!

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