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Day 2 Recap: Innovation Trends: Buyside Technology & Operations Summit

By Amisha Shah | Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

For those who were unable to attend last week's "Innovation Trends: Buyside Technology & Operations Summit" hosted by Eze Castle Integration and Apex Group, we've rounded up all of the panel discussion recordings so you can catch up on everything you missed. Our blog earlier this week covered day 1, keep reading for a roundup of day 2 in this blog article.

Innovation Trends: Buyside Technology & Operations Summit - Day 2 Recap

Panel 1: Increase Security & Control on Everything, Everywhere

Whilst security has always been front and centre for investment firms with a lot at stake, this year has truly tested defence practices and security frameworks utilised by the sector, globally. The unprecedented spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic has called for firms to identify and quickly mitigate any new security gaps in this unpredictable, fast-evolving landscape. This new landscape also demands for fast adoption of advanced security and control measures to survive.

Topics of discussion:

  • Gaps and vulnerabilities to watch out for in the current landscape

  • The importance of implementing access controls and conditional access in the modernised digital workplace

  • The need to interact more effectively via digital channels to ensure organisational stability and security

  • The shared responsibility of security

Watch the full recording from Panel 1 HERE.

Panel 2: Modernised IT: Power Remote Workforce Collaboration

Whilst most businesses will have had a taste of remote working in the past, a few will attest to being fully prepared for the overnight shift to a virtual setup that 2020 has called for. Investment firms and their professionals around the world have adjusted greatly to ensure business operations continue to run as smoothly as possible in this new setup, with minimal disruptions. This panel discussion will explore how investment firms can modernise their IT systems and implement practices to power remote workforce collaboration and productivity for the long-haul.

Topics of discussion:

  • Technology integration to support a new age of collaboration

  • Key Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) to adopt for better operational harmony

  • Tips and practices to improve workflow, productivity, and collaboration in today's digital world

Watch the full recording of Panel 2 HERE.

Panel 3: Creating Organisational Buy-In for IT: From Education to Finding a Common Language

In today’s digital world, technology can transform business operations, increase organisational efficiency, bolster security, and provide end users with optimal user experience. That said, there often exists a disconnect between CTO’s and their C-Suite counterparts when communicating about the value vs. investment in technology and IT initiatives. This discussion will provide guidance on how to effectively communicate technology benefits and gain IT buy-in across cross functional teams.

Topics of discussion:

  • How to effectively communicate technology benefits and gain IT buy-in across cross functional teams

  • Aligning business goals to your IT infrastructure

  • Presenting trends seen amongst client base back to business leaders

  • Why benchmarking is beneficial?

Watch the full recording of Panel 3 HERE.

Take a look at events calendar for more thought leadership from Eze Castle Integration.  And, if you would like further information on any of these topics, please do not hesitate to reach out to speak to one of our experts:

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