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Day 1 Recap: Innovation Trends: Buyside Technology & Operations Summit

By Olivia Munro | Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

For those who were unable to attend last week's "Innovation Trends: Buyside Technology & Operations Summit" hosted by Eze Castle Integration and Apex Group, we've rounded up all of the recordings from day 1, so you can catch up on everything you missed.

Innovation Trends: Buyside Technology & Operations Summit - Day 1 Recap

Panel 1: Firms Need Cross-Border Connectivity to Support Market Globalisation

As digitisation continues to drive change, asset managers should look to outsource the cost of keeping up with technological change by seeking single-source solution providers that can deliver a complete package of services now and continue to evolve in the future. In addition, the working habits brought about by Covid-19 have accelerated a growing trend that will require the simplification of firm’s operations, resulting in the outsourcing of more functions to a smaller group of suppliers.

Topics of discussion:

  • Investor transparency requirements / pressures

  • Digitisation of banking

  • Enhancing our buying power

  • Post-COVID environment and working habit changes

Watch the full recording from Panel 1 HERE.

Panel 2: The Impact of ESG on Changing Buying Behaviours

Climate change was already driving growing interest in ESG factors. The experience of lockdowns and social distancing has further emphasised the impact we are having on the environment. Investors are responding by seeking out firms that are involved in eco-friendly technologies and apply social responsibility and sustainability to their policies and practices. Forward thinking asset managers are already integrating ESG factors into their portfolio selections and using ESG indices as a part of their decision-making process. Early adopters are likely to gain a clear advantage and access to a reliable source of ESG indices, with smooth integration with other financial models is set to be a new paradigm in the investment industry.

Topics of discussion:

  • How far are we from ESG investing moving from the ‘nice to do niche’ to the ‘need to have mainstream’

  • How have the drivers for ESG engagement changed over the years

  • Has Covid-19 accelerated the trend towards stronger ESG practices, governance and integration or will ESG take a back seat as companies, investors and regulators adjust to the new reality

  • What are the main criticisms of ESG Reporting and what are the solutions?

  • How far will regulation be needed to force ESG to be a part of the fabric of investing?

  • Crystal ball time, where will ESG be in 5 years’ time?

Watch the full recording of Panel 2 HERE.

Panel 3: Creating Value and Growth through Data 

Technological advances continue to drive change in the way we work. Is it realistic for asset managers to keep pace with the increasing speed of innovation and the costs associated with globalisation and digitisation, whilst managing the risks that these advances bring with them? In this session we discuss the evolving technologies and address some of the key issues that you should be considering as you plan future business strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Topics of discussion:

  • Connecting technologies across data chains

  • Data privacy & IT security

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Using data to inform buying decisions to remain competitive

Watch the full recording of Panel 3 HERE.

Stay tuned, our blog on Thursday will cover everything from Day 2 of the Summit!

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