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Webinar Replay: Rush to the Edge: Addressing Risk in a Remote Work Environment

By Olivia Munro | Thursday, September 24th, 2020

With COVID-19 forcing businesses to quickly restructure their organization to a remote model, there wasn't sufficient time to plan for such a dramatic change in processes, operations, and technologies. 

In a recent webinar, technology experts Rich Itri from Eze Castle Integration and Joe Lacovara from Waterfall Asset Management discuss how firms can address risk in a remote work environment, and how to close potential gaps as companies "rush to the edge" of the network. 

Topics of discussion include:

  • The Cloud: Authentication, Information Risk and Video Conferencing & Collaboration

  • Change Management

  • Third Party Risk Management

  • Work from Home Analytics

Watch the full 50-minute webinar below to hear Eze Castle SVP of Professional Services, Rich Itri and Waterfall Asset Management Interim CTO, Joe Lacovara discuss cybersecurity gaps in 2020 and how to avoid them.

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