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Tech Integration Tools and Techniques to Improve Operational Efficiency

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, September 8th, 2020
Investment firms and BioTech Companies globally have adopted an agile approach this year to navigate through uncertain times, which is predicted to change the dynamic of the working world altogether going forwards. 

One thing we have learnt is that the key to improving operational efficiency in today’s digital workplace is unifying online and offline communications channels, to ensure employees have secure access to everything they need at any time, from anywhere.

Today’s blog highlights key technologies and techniques for investment firms and biotech companies to leverage, to ensure operational efficiency of your workforce, wherever they may operate from. 

First things First: Having the Right Setup for Support a Digital Workplace

Collaborations tools and technologies to boost employee productivity and overall operational efficiency all stem from and can be leveraged through a migration to the cloud

Our guidebook, ‘Technology Priorities for a Modernised Digital Workplace’, covers a chapter on this vital step to preparing your business for the future, which you may also find makes an interesting read.

Collaboration Technologies and Tools to Leverage Via the Cloud 

Once you’re all set with a cloud infrastructure, you can begin to leverage the following collaboration tools to unlock greater mobility, simultaneous editing in real-time, access controls and transparency on projects, tasks and deadlines. Eze Castle Integration is a proud partner of Microsoft and we encourage our clients to take advantage of their vast array of products available. 

Teams: Microsoft describes Teams as a collaboration tool that enables firms and their employees to work remotely without feeling remote. Chat, meetings, calling, collaborations- Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform. 

OneDrive: Our partners at Microsoft simply define OneDrive as "the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your files". Simply put, OneDrive for Business is a storage location or repository for files and documents. You are able to access this tool through Office365, anywhere at anytime, regardless of whether employees are connected to your firm's VPN.

SharePoint: Like OneDrive, you're also able to access SharePoint through Office365 anywhere and anytime. It's a tool that helps firms share and collaborate on documents and files from anywhere in a secure manner.

We hope you found this article informative. For more on this topic and guidance on technology solutions, outsourcing and third-party risk management for the future, join our webinar next week with EisnerAmper.

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