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Aligning Cyber Practices with OCIE Cyber & Resiliency Observations

By Amanda Daly | Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

In a recent webinar with cyber and technology experts from Eze Castle Integration and Drawbridge Partners, we discuss key areas where we are seeing firms misaligned with OCIE Cyber and Resiliency Observations released by the SEC earlier this year.

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving. According to a recent report, data breaches exposed 8.4 billion records in the first quarter of 2020 and he average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million as of 2019. The average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 206 days.1 

The OCIE Report Explores the following areas:

  • Governance and Risk Management 

  • Access Rights and Controls 

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Mobile Security 

  • Incident Response and Resiliency 

  • Vendor Management 

  • Training and Awareness 

Watch the full 45-minute webinar below to hear Eze Castle CTO Steve Schoener and Drawbridge Partners CTO Viktor Tadijanovic discuss common areas of misalignment with the OCIE observations and recommendations - and steps you can take to fill these gaps.


1Risk Based Security, Q1 Data Breach Quickview Report

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