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Return to Work: Technology Checklist for Planning Your Return

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, April 30th, 2020
As shelter in place orders near lifting, now is the time to begin planning your businesses return to work strategy even if you don't plan to recall employees for many weeks or months. We have created a Return to Work: Technology & Employee Planning Guide to help businesses achieve a smooth return to work. Following are technology considerations to cover prior to return. 

1. Plan with IT.

Coordinating with your technology partner or internal IT team is essential to a smooth transition back to the office. There are many considerations, from reconnecting computer equipment to security reviews, that must occur to support your users and protect your organization. Be sure to provide advanced notice so the appropriate preparations can occur.

2. Communicate IT Reminders to Employees.

Beyond the expected communications on return dates and safety protocols, remind employees to return borrowed technology and save all work to the corporate network. Also, reminding them to stay alert for phishing scams is always a good idea.

3. Remember New & Ex-Employees.

Plan for new hires who have not been to the office. Ensure phone, PC, monitor, docks, etc. are ready before they go to the office. On the flip side, ensure any employee terminations conducted while remote have completed on-site processes as well (i.e. disabling key cards, collecting equipment,scheduling repurpose/cleanup of those devices.)

4. Techology Equipment Reminders

Ensure employees return any office equipment that was taken home. Ideally, have employees return equipment weekend prior. Also, remind employees to save all work to the network prior to return to help ensure they can access from the office. Here is a office equipment return reference list:

Computer Accessories 
  • Speakers, headphones, keyboard & mouse (wireless receiver if applicable), monitor( s), docking stations, power strips, power cords, etc.
  • Printers and scanners
Phones & Accessories
  • Desk phone, POE injector, sidecar, headset and base unit if Bluetooth, network cable (s) and other accessories.
  • If Call Forwarding is enabled, disable after returning to office.
Desktops & Laptops 
  • Primary Device: If brought home, remind employees to bring back to office upon return.
  • Extra, Companion Device (i.e. not primary): Employees should return to the office and use their primary device.
  • New Device Guidance: If device was purchased for remote access capability only, and/or device is not on domain, employee must not connect device to the corporate network on return. All new devices must be properly enrolled into the corporate network.

Download the complete Return to Work: Technology & Employee Planning Guide

Return to Work Technology Guide
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