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Hello, Eze Managed Voice – A Flexible, Resilient Voice Solution Built for the Financial Industry

By Amisha Shah | Thursday, April 16th, 2020
Communication is vital to the success of every organisation. As the modern working world continues to evolve, it brings shifts in the way businesses operate and communicate - both internally and externally. Today’s businesses rely on a secure voice and communications solution to ensure the smooth running of the various communication channels needed to achieve operational excellence. 

This is where Eze Managed Voice comes in. As with everything we do here at Eze Castle Integration, the evolving needs of our clients and the financial sector are at the heart of this innovation. Eze Managed Voice provides a platform for high-quality voice and unified communications whilst also enabling voice disaster recovery and video telephony capabilities, to support businesses with a complete and reliable package for success.

As part of the solution delivery, Eze voice consultants work with businesses to design a voice solution in line with bespoke organizational requirements. In addition to design, implementation and delivery of the solution, on-going support and maintenance is provided to ensure businesses are leveraging intelligent, highly available and secure voice and unified communications throughout their journey.

Features and Benefits of Eze Managed Voice

Full Feature Rich PBX – Hunt groups enable incoming calls to a central phone number to be distributed among the members of that group, in line with hunting policies pre-set by your business. And, organizations can handle call overflow as preferred - either with an auto attendant or a designated voicemail inbox. Shared Line appearances also allow multiple lines to be presented to multiple phones, users can jump in and out of these lines to easily share calls. 

Call Recording – A fully MiFID II compliant solution delivered through SteelEye. All incoming and outgoing telephone calls are recorded through the cloud, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software. Businesses are not confined by a limit on the number or length of calls being made. Recorded calls are easily managed, cataloged and retrieved for 60 days before deletion. Calls can also be downloaded and stored locally for any period of time. 

Communicator Softphone – The communicator softphone fully supports modern working patterns to keep the flow of communications going whether from the o ce, somewhere remote or on-the-go. The communicator softphone can be installed on computers, laptops, mobile and tablet devices, and supports both Apple and Android devices. This seamless feature enables full voice, video, and instant messaging capabilities, and, supporting today’s mobile workforce, smooth call transitions can be made between desktop and mobile devices. 

Explore the Full Features and Benefits of Eze Managed Voice via the product datasheet.

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