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Outsourcing Tech in the Face of COVID-19: Navigating Cyber, Legal and Operational Risk

By Olivia Munro | Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

In our recent webinar, "Outsourcing Tech in the Face of COVID-19", industry experts discussed navigating cybersecurity, legal and operational risk during this uncertain time for many businesses. Continue reading to catch some highlights from Eze Castle's VP of Technical Architecture, Bob Shaw, or scroll to the bottom to watch the full replay!

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

Panelists agreed that there was a wide range in levels of preparedness for remote working throughout the industry. There were some that simply took their laptop home, not realizing that there would be additional measures that would need to be taken for extended work from home capabilities. This led to a surge in remote acces questions and increases in requests for collaboration tools. Firms who had and thoroughly tested their Business Continuity Plans were set up for success off that bat, as they had tested remote capabilities of multiple users throughout all departments, ensuring that all employees would be able to perform their day-to-day functions. 

Leveraging Technology to Enable Remote Teamwork 

For firms that had previously relied strictly on email for communication, there was an increase in inquiries for communication tools that enable remote teamwork. These tools, such as Microsoft Teams, allow for faster and smoother collaboration within organizations. For more on how technology can enhance collaboration and teamwork in your firm while working remotely (or while in the office!), you can check out our recent article.

Protecting Your Company and Employees

Unfortunately, there are threat actors who are taking advantage of the uncertainty and discomfort around COVID-19 to exploit employees and their employers. These attacks have increased drastically over the last several weeks in the form of spear phishing attacks, hacking attempts via email and chat, as well as phone scams. Most companies won't know that they've been hacked before it's too late. This is where a tool like SIEM comes into play. A SIEM can aggregate data and logs from all domain joined devices, whether it be work stations, firewalls, cloud environments, applications or monitoring tools. It can then provide real time analysis from this data, which would take weeks for a team to manually interpret. This can proactively identify threats in real time, saving firms financial and reputational loss.

Watch the full 60-minute webinar replay below.
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