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COVID-19 Preparations: Guidance for Preparing Your Business

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Eze Castle Integration is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and implementing proactive measures outlined in our business continuity plan to support our clients and employees. To assist your firm in preparation, following are Preliminary Response Guidelines for Coronavirus, which aim to support preparation, reduce employee risk and mitigate panic through preparation.

  1. Establish a Response Team (key decision makers, senior management, recovery management team members, etc):
    1. Discuss/review steps for managing the situation internally (escalation procedures, crisis communications, addressing employee concerns, mitigate risks, etc.)
    2. Review business continuity plans with employees
      • Topics include: how to work from home, alternate site, internal and external contact information, set work load expectations, conference bridge, etc.
    3. Establish preliminary plan for dealing with external communications (investors, clients, media, etc)
    4. Ensure you have current contact information for your employees and external business partners (banks, brokers, investors, etc.).  Also make sure you can access that information outside of the office.
  2. Internal Communications
    1. Identify employees that have been to impacted regions or traveling, as well as employees who have been in contact with people who have traveled internationally or been traveling
    2. Actively encourage any employees with cold like symptoms to stay home and not come to work until they are free of fever/symptoms for 24 hours
    3. Consider postponing business travel and monitor employee personal travel; When travel is necessary advise employees before traveling to take the steps outlined by the CDC HERE
    4. Ensure your employee contact information is current
    5. Verify all employees have documentation on and have tested remote access capabilities; Additionally, ensure you have adequate remote access resources (i.e. Citrix, VPN) for your entire staff
  3. Employee Remote Access
    1. Ensure employees can work remotely and are familiar with doing so
      • Distribute instructions for accessing applications remotely
      • Ensure you have adequate remote access (i.e. Citrix, VPN) for your entire staff
    2. Confirm IT Support will be available to support remote workers
      • Communicate support process and help desk hours, consider 24x7 support availability
  4. Visitors
    1. Monitor all visitors
    2. Decide whether or not to prohibit all internal meetings taken place in the office
    3. Consider moving meetings to alternative locations (i.e. hotels) to reduce risk for employees
  5. Other Preparations
    1. Provide hand sanitizers for every desk and at entryways
    2. Provide disinfecting wipes and masks for every employee
    3. Remind employees to be cyber aware as phishing attempts and other scams are on the rise
We also encourage clients to review guidance for the US and UK governments:  
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