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Common Cloud Misconfigurations and How to Avoid Them + Webinar Replay

By Amisha Shah | Thursday, February 13th, 2020
Eze Castle Integration kicked off its Eze Tactical Tech Talk Series earlier this week. The five-part, live webinar series is running on select Tuesdays until April. In each talk, our experts will share different tools for investment firms to leverage for continued operational excellence and success in 2020.

First up in our series, our in-house technology enthusiasts provided listeners with a refresher on Common Cloud Misconfigurations and How to Avoid Them. We all make mistakes, but when it comes to technology and investment operations, mistakes aren’t an option. Today’s blog article will roundup key takeaways from the discussion for Investment firms. The full webinar replay can be accessed here.

The Cloud Landscape in 2020

Here are some predictions for cloud in 2020:

•    A rise in hybrid/multi-cloud environment usage.
•    Monitoring and measurement of technology effectiveness will become a top priority for IT leadership.
•    Security, reliability and flexibility for firms and their users to continue to drive a ‘cloud first’ strategy.
•    Automation of business processes and practices to dominate the next phase of cloud usage.

Common Cloud of Misconfigurations 

Office 365

Office 365 is highly configurable which is great for collaboration. At the same time, firms are encouraged to think about the ramifications of this and have appropriate practices in place to create a security perimeter. Below are some questions to ask yourself:

•    Are you sharing data with third-parties? If so, how?
•    Do you have multi-factor authentication in place?
•    Have you deployed conditional access?
•    Are your services being locked down appropriately?

Networking and Connectivity

When juggling many considerations during a cloud migration, the risks associated with ineffective networking and connectivity practices can sometimes be overlooked. Have you considered leveraging these tools?

•    A VPN throughout and setting a data transmission rate
•    Using NetFlow for traffic oversight
•    Leveraging centralised firewall management


Whilst the below defences seem obvious to secure cloud usage for firms and their users, they are often not deployed across all endpoints used, such as tablet, mobile and desktop devices. Investment firms are encouraged to consider full use of these tools and practices across all devices for a truly robust environment:

•    Effective password policies with a minimum password length
•    Dark Web Monitoring scanning to prevent Account Takeover
•    Monitoring and logging activity using a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) strategy

Listen to the full webinar replay below to hear our experts explore each misconfiguration in detail and share best practices on avoiding them. 

Next up in our Eze Tactical Tech Talk Series, our security experts will be taking a look at ‘Why SIEM is a Must in Today’s Disparate Multi-Cloud Era?’ Register HERE to save your spot!

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