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The Life of a Summer Intern at Eze Castle Integration

By Amanda Daly | Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Starting a new internship can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked in a corporate office before. You might have heard from parents or from friends on what the experience will be like - aka fetching coffee for bosses. As with anything in life, expectations often turn out to be far from reality. We asked our 2019 summer interns what their experience was like here at Eze Castle Integration.

Tom, a Business Development and Marketing Intern in the Boston office, says that "Working at Eze Castle’s Boston office this summer showed me many different aspects of business. My experience as an intern was as if I were a full-time employee. I went between meetings and sat in on calls. I prepared work for those meetings and reported it myself. When given tasks I was also given the freedom to complete them myself because my managers trusted me to do a good and timely job. The projects that I worked on were assigned to me with the purpose of teaching me different things such Photoshop, Excel, and PowerPoint skills or lessons in how to conduct business. Whatever my task was, it was given to me for one purpose: it was an important task that would add value to the organization. I was never given busy work or told to go kill time. My skills and time were respected by everyone with whom I worked, and I could tell that my managers had a personal interest in advancing my knowledge of and experience in business." 

Sarah, an Operations and Marketing Intern in the Boston office spent her days sending out morning news daily to the company which gives relevant industry news. The newsletter also included information such as competitor news and a "Tech Tip" of the day. Sarah also spent her days analyzing product penetration as well as spending a lot of time in Salesforce ensuring accuracy of data. "Working at ECI is a wonderful experience because supervisors are always there to help you and work closely with you. It is such a welcoming and friendly environment. I had a great experience with many different software platforms, departments, and types of projects. I felt like I was a "real" employee here. I was able to learn a lot of helpful information that will help me grow professionally. Eze Castle Integration understands that this is the time for interns to discover their paths and take advantage of all the different resources available." 

Our Sales Intern in our New York office, Griffin, was able to experience a hands-on sales experience. "Eze Castle was a great learning experience for me! Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting was very friendly and accepting. There is a team like environment here at Eze Castle and I noticed it on my first day. I had a lot of fun being a part of the Sales Team and learned a ton about the sales process as well as how Eze Castle operates." Griffin attended networking events including a Dell conference, sat in on sales meetings and calls, created his own sales pitches, reached out to prospects, and so much more! 

"I've really enjoyed interning at ECI. It has been great to be part of such a friendly environment and to gain so much useful experience with different software. I learned so many new skills from the responsibilities I took on this summer and I look forward to applying them to my future endeavors." says Julia, a Learning and Development (Human Resources) Intern in the Boston office. Julia worked on different projects this summer including helping with the transfer of all Eze Castle's archived courses from Halogen to UltiPro Learning. Another project of Julia's was to create presentations and recording voiceovers for new product video overviews. 

Interning is not only a great way to gain valuable experience in your chosen field but it’s also an opportunity to really see what working full-time is like. When asking all of our interns, a common answer was that they appreciated the learning and hands on experiences they were able to get. Each of our interns have different day-to-day duties. Their perceptions of interning at Eze Castle was definitely far "fetching coffee for the boss". 

"My summer spent here at ECI Boston was a summer well spent. The experience I gained here will be invaluable to me as I finish school and move on to the real world. Nothing beats hands on experience when it comes to learning how to function in a workplace, and Eze Castle played a great role in helping take the next steps in my career" 

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