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Leveraging a Global Private Network for Enhanced Security

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, August 20th, 2019
There is probably not a more relevant saying than ‘time is money’ for investment firms who work hard to make each second count during trading hours. 

Connectivity is the key facilitator here, serving as the gateway for communication and direct access to the cloud for businesses. That’s why investment firms are increasingly drawn to partner with an expert provider to leverage a premier global private network. This network bypasses use of the public internet, instead using an enterprise-grade network to connect to the internet.

With a premier global private network, businesses can gain a one-stop shop provider to enable and monitor their entire IT infrastructure for smoother operations. Today’s blog article will take a look at the efficiencies investment firms can benefit from after switching to an enterprise managed private network. 

Enhanced Connectivity

Today’s diverse trading environment requires traders and buy-side firms to have dependable, direct connectivity to the applications and mediums that matter the most. 

A global private network serves as the communication gateway delivering highly secure and redundant internet-based communications worldwide, so that firms have the seamless accessibility they need to execute their trades in the most productive manner. 

For firms with multiple offices or data centres around the world, the global private network enables seamless communication and data transmission across all locations. In addition to this, firms today can go about making changes directly to their network without having to go through their provider. Promoting a more productive way to act on business requirements. 

Increased Network Security

When delivered by a trusted managed IT services provider, a global private network can be completely secure, meaning firms can rest assured knowing confidential data is always protected. 

A private network is not accessible by everyone unlike the public internet. What’s more is that your provider will have complete visibility and end-to-end control over all firm data that travels across the network, to ensure complete security. This is a much more secure option compared to the public internet, where business data can travel through many unknown (and unsafe) networks. 

Improved Operational Performance 

The Internet is a public platform for communication which can get congested at times. Leveraging a global private network enables firms to use connectivity services backed by service-level-agreements (SLAs) in place with their provider, as opposed to relying on the best effort approach of the public internet.

Subsequently, firms have found access to cloud services and integral business applications much faster and consistent after switching over from public to a private network.

We hope you found this article on leveraging a global private network useful. To speak to one of our experts for more information on how your business can benefit from this solution please contact us at the link below.
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