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Why Undergo a Telecom Expense Audit?

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, August 8th, 2019
Organizations often pay their monthly telecom bills automatically without analyzing each line item on the invoice. As a result, when a Telecom Expense Audit is conducted it is not uncommon to uncover areas to reduce costs or improve services.

Examples of items that are common to uncover during an audit include:

• A firm is paying for circuits or lines at prior office locations, which were not disconnected during the relocation process. As part of an audit, our team will call the provider to understand the location of each line and verify they are necessary;

• Oversubscription or lingering circuits that are not in use is another common finding. To uncover this our team analyses client usage;
• An organization is paying rates higher than current market rates. At Eze Castle, our team works daily with telecom providers and has a firm understanding of fair rates. As a result, we can help ensure clients aren’t overpaying; and

• Identifying opportunities to increase bandwidth for the same or lower cost.

What Information is Required for an Audit?

As a value-add to our clients, Eze Castle Integration offers a Telecom Expense Audit to provide clients an understanding of their telecom expenses, identify unnecessary expenses and gain guidance on market pricing. 

Following the audit, Eze Castle Integration works with the client’s telecom providers to implement identified cost-saving opportunities such as cancelling unused circuits and renegotiating fair market rates.

Eze Castle Integration makes the process easy. Clients simply provide our Telecom Team copies of their current invoices and we review and analyze to find opportunities. The Eze team then presents these findings to the client and executes based on client’s guidance.

Whether an Eze Castle client or not, we recommend firms review in detail their telecom expenses annually.

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