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Using the Cloud for Flexible Deployment of Technology

By Amisha Shah | Thursday, July 18th, 2019
The cloud computing model enables firms to access IT resources on the internet instead of hosting and operating them locally. The scalability and flexibility of this model empowers businesses to cut costs, react faster to organisational needs, and thus operate more efficiently. Today’s blog will explore the scalability and flexibility businesses can gain from leveraging the cloud.
The rapid evolution of cloud technology has had a great impact on the investment sector. Today, both small and large sized firms have access to advanced cloud technology as opposed to paying large amounts upfront for infrastructure they might not make full use of. Through the cloud, firms of all sizes have direct connectivity to business-critical applications and tools delivered by trusted third-party specialists such as Microsoft and Avaya.

A virtualised infrastructure not only enables quick business thinking, it also promotes complete flexibility both inside and outside of the workplace. The shift we’re seeing in working patterns especially with the rise of remote working are fully supported by the cloud model which can operate virtually from any location. A firm’s users are connected to one another and have access to shared and personal files and documents from anywhere in the world. The backup of files can be handled through add-ons to the cloud, so businesses can rest assured knowing important files and documents can be retrieved if disaster strikes.  

In addition to this, the cloud enables businesses to seamlessly adopt a ‘bring your own device (BYOD) policy, facilitating the use of mobile technology. Equally supportive of business expansion, the cloud is highly recommended to businesses with workforce in global offices, or, looking to expand to new locations. 

Scalability is another benefit that firms thinking of migrating to the cloud could leverage, with the ability to implement an upscale or downscale to their IT easily, and without the costs associated with changing tangible infrastructure. Increased cost efficiencies with the cloud frees up funds for firms to spend on other important areas such as security tools.  

Continued advancements in the cloud means businesses today can choose from a range of cloud models to find the right fit for the nature of their firm, as well as to support organisational goals and direction. Furthermore, partnering with a trusted cloud services provider enables firms to build a bespoke cloud architecture to support their business needs and to maximise operating efficiency. Working with a cloud specialist also means your business has the support of an expert cloud consultant, who will continuously monitor and streamline business processes where needed, in keeping with a cloud strategy defined for your business. 

Read a case study on how our cloud experts have helped an investment advisor to power its operations and increase IT agility here. Why not reach out to one of our in-house experts to learn more about how your business can leverage the cloud. Leave us a message here, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
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