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Hello, Eze Managed SIEM - Prevent, Detect & Respond

By Amanda Daly | Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

As threat actors continue their highly profitable, and relentless barrage of cyber-attacks on businesses, information technology (IT) vendors are diligently working to deliver hardware and software products that provide critical security data in the form of log files, alerts, messages etc. However, as is frequently the case with technology, the pendulum has swung from not having enough security-oriented data to having too much and unfortunately, not all the data is helpful or relevant. Too much data can lead to delays in performing preventative measures.

This is where Eze Managed SIEM (security information and event management) service comes in.SIEM

Organizations receive mountains of security-oriented data in the form of log files, alerts and messages, which can be overwhelming and delay security prevention and response. Eze Managed SIEM efficiently analyzes data by filtering all data through a Security Operations Center (SOC) to eliminate the noise, leaving behind succinct reports and recommendations to help clients stay cybersecure. By combining real-time security analysis with machine learning technology, Eze Managed SIEM is able to proactively identify potential security risks.

“Cybersecurity threats rank as some of the greatest risks facing the industry today with companies of all sizes under attack. At Eze Castle Integration, protecting clients is our mission. We follow a security first approach to IT and deliver fully managed security solutions, such as Eze Managed SIEM, to fortify our client environments – whether they reside in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premise,” said Steve Schoener, Chief Technology Officer at Eze Castle Integration.  

Eze Managed SIEM is an ideal security add-on service for companies of all sizes and technology deployments (i.e. cloud or on-premise). Clients simply provide a list of resources; including but not limited to; operating systems, network devices, servers, critical files, browsers, Office 365, Azure and more. If the Eze Managed SIEM service identifies a potential security risk, the Eze Castle Security Response Team leaps into action to ensure proper actions are taken to mitigate the risk.

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