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5 Qualities to Look for in a Cloud Consultant

By Eze Castle Integration | Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Embarking on a journey to the cloud is inevitable for most organizations based on the advantages provided by these on-demand platforms. However, a cloud migration can be complex and require careful guidance, planning and project management.

Following are five attributes to look for when vetting a cloud consultant.

Depth and Quality of Staff

Before selecting a cloud consultant for your firm, be sure the company offers a team with extensive expertise in studying, analyzing, developing and planning complex cloud designs and roll‐outs. The team should have a proven track record of success in complex cloud migrations and implementations as well as other projects.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication is a critical aspect of cloud migration project management. The provider should be skilled in effectively bridging the information gap between your firm and other relevant parties.

A Proven Strategy

In order to leverage your firm’s cloud implementation process from planning and design, to systems integration and go‐live support, the provider should have a proven, successful formula in place. This strategy should be broken down into specific, measurable tasks so that you can clearly track the progress of your implementation or project, with predictable deadlines based on predetermined timetables.

Experience in Cloud Deployment

Does the service provider have deep experience in deploying various cloud models including private, public and hybrid? Do they have experience working with firms of all sizes, from small start-ups to large, well-established firms?

Deep Security Knowledge

Security is a big deal and incredibly complex. Security layers also change based on the type of cloud model (i.e. private, hybrid, public) an organization selects. These factors make it incredibly important that a cloud consultant knows the ins and outs of the various security safeguards required to protect confidential data.

The reality is that there are numerous cloud consultants but be sure to select one that is experienced in deploying cloud solutions that are specific to your industry and has a solid understanding of your business environment. You want to ensure your journey to the cloud is successful and designed to support your organization’s future growth.

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