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IT Security: Keeping Reputation, Data, and Money Secure

By Amanda Daly | Thursday, June 6th, 2019

In our most recent webinar, we illustrate the value of investing time and money to make employees your strongest security asset in understanding how to spot cyber-crimes and attacks.  

Cybercrime in the Legal Sector is very widespread in the UK. Law Firms are targeted for money and or information and attacks can threaten a firm's operation and or reputation. It is imperative to understand how to spot these cyber-crimes.  

Continue reading for a recap of the webinar, or scroll to the bottom of the page to watch a replay of the webinar!

Common Cyber-Crimes

The most common cyber-crimes are:

  • Email Modification Fraud

  • Malware

  • Phishing

  • Identity Theft

  • CEO Fraud

So how do you spot these cyber crimes? Is there a sense of urgency asking for you to send "NOW"? Is there a request for personal and or confidentail information? Are there suspicious URL's and attachments or a domain spoof? If you spot any of these or are skeptical about the email, be sure to report it to your IT/LAN team. 

Risks Associated with Remote Working

  • Loss or theft of device

  • Device Tampering

  • Credential Loss

  • Being Overlooked

To facilitate secure remote working, be sure to invest in reliable technology, limit the use of public WiFi, set difficult passwords, and deploy multi-factor authentication. 

Securing Your IT & Infrastructure Against Cyber-crimes

First, you should be aware and understand what ransomware attacks and data breaches are.
Ransomware Attack: Prevents a firm's users from accessing their data until a ransom is paid
Data Breach: The loss of confidential client/firm infrormaiton and data. .

To protect your firm from a ransomware attack and data breach, you should have an in-depth security strategy, firewalls, active threat protection, and dark web monitoring in place. Your firm should also have a business continuity plan and disaster recovery plans in place. 

Attacks will happen, security awareness training alone is not enough.

To be fully prepared, ensure your firm has managed phishing and training available for employees as well as keeping them updated on the importance of reporting cyber incidents.

See below to watch the full webinar and a few ways on how you can protect others from being hooked:

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