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New Survey: Global Tech and Cyber Priorities in the Investment Industry

By Olivia Munro | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Global Technology Survey of Investment IndustryWith new technology emerging, cloud computing becoming the new norm and cybersecurity threats growing exponentially, how does this impact investment management firms across the globe? To gain a better understanding of industry IT priorities, Eze Castle Integration, in partnership with Microsoft and IDG Reserach, conducted a survey of 150 senior-level executives from the United States and United Kingdom. The findings cover technology priorities, cybersecurity plans and concerns, outsourcing attitudes and trends, and IT budgeting.

Continue reading for a synopsis of our findings, or to view the full report, you can access The 2019 Global Investment Management Survey: Understanding Industry IT Priorities and Spending HERE.

IT Priorities for Investment Firms

  • The study shows that small and midsized investment firms worldwide are focused on building out their IT infrastructures.

  • Seventy percent of respondents surveyed indicated IT investment as their top organizational aim (24%) or ranked it among their highest priorities (46%).

  • Modernizing legacy data infrastructures was also a noted priority with 49% reporting these projects are underway and 45% stating the project is planned.

Cybersecurity is a Major Concern

  • Increased protection from cybersecurity threats ranked as a key driver for IT investments, with almost three quarters of respondents claiming they are very or extremely concerned about cybersecurity threats.

  • Top implemented cybersecurity initiatives underway include formal cybersecurity risk management (65%), employee security awareness training (62%), establishing preventative measures (61%), and implementing cyber countermeasures (55%).

Managed Cloud and Outsourced IT Services Dominate the Sector

  • Managed cloud computing and outsourced IT services were immensely popular, with 4 out of 5 respondents attesting to leveraging one or both of these offerings.

  • Those that haven’t outsourced to the cloud or contracted with outside IT groups said they plan to in the near future.

  • Respondents ranked the top benefits as security, cost savings, and around the clock network management.

To download the full 2019 Global Investment Management Survey: Understanding Industry IT Priorities and Spending, click here.

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