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Cloud Security Defined: The Required Safeguards Webinar Replay

By Eze Castle Integration | Thursday, October 17th, 2019

In a recent webinar, members from the Eze Castle team talked about the security layers that are essential to cloud security for all investment firms. Topics for discussion include:Security First

  • How to approach a security-first strategy to cloud systems

  • Defining the essential security layers from the outside in

  • Must have security safeguards from multi-factor authentication to employee training techniques

To start, we typically find three points in time when it makes the most sense for an existing firm to evaluate a move to the cloud. This includes during an office relocation, adding new applications, and an IT refresh.

  1. Office relocation: This is an ideal time to evaluate your IT environment to determine if a refresh is around the corner. Often it doesn’t make sense to invest in moving a Comm. room that will require a refresh in the near term. We have found that migrating to a cloud environment prior to a relocation can be ideal because it makes the move very low risk and simplifies the process.

  2. New applications: The cloud, of course, is great for applications because it gives firms flexibility to add on as their businesses grow. 

  3. Technology refresh: Hardware will typically run a lifecycle of 3 or 4 years before it needs to be refreshed. If you’re getting to that point where your servers and other hardware are getting stale, and if you’re going to be investing in new technology and upgrades anyway, it’s the perfect time to evaluate a cloud solution.

Security in the Multi-Cloud Era

Now that companies are running on cloud based and common practice to be on cloud day one, we are seeing an evolution to utilizing a multi-cloud. this is the idea of picking and choosing individual services from different cloud providers in order to get best overall solution and price that you need to make sense to client. Increasing cloud sites can increase complexity of the solution and introduces more areas of weakness

Be sure to understand the threat landscape such as:

  • Malware

  • Social engineering

  • External hacking

  • Insider data leakage/theftSecurity First

  • Mobile device theft

  • Physical security attacks

Security First Approach

A security-first approach requires different components in order to create a secure foundation to operate a company such as:

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • Email Security Components

  • Web Filtering

  • Access Auditing

  • Cybersecurity/Advance Security Measures

  • Employee Security Training

To take a deeper dive into this, be sure to watch our the full webinar below!

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