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4 Signs It's Time for an Outsourced Help Desk Partner

By Olivia Munro | Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

For investment management firms, downtime caused by technology or application failure is not an option. Efficiency and speed are critical functions in this industry, and if your firm doesn't have the in-house experience to manage and troubleshoot IT issues, unnecessary downtime is inevitable. Continue reading for four signs that your investment management firm could benefit from an IT help desk partnership.

1.) Teams are suffering from downtime.

As already mentioned, downtime isn't a viable option in the financial services industry. By outsourcing IT support to a third-party help desk, you can ensure that downtime is minimal. It is important when evaluating help desk partnerships to make sure they offer support around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Having that 24x7x365 support can make or break the success of your help desk partnership.

2.) Processes are stagnant.

If you don't have a process, or an effective process for IT support tickets, you're likely unable to effectively and efficiently manage IT support in-house. If that's the case, instead of implementing new processes, staff and technology, outsourcing your help desk can be a feasible and cost-effective option.

3.) The firm doesn't have the in-house experience.

Your firm may not have the in-house experience to manage tech support and IT troubleshooting. Without the experience level, it can be time and resource consuming to troubleshoot and provide tech support to an entire office. This affects the efficiency and productivity of the entire firm.

4.) Your IT team doesn't have the bandwidth to support the firm's employees.

On the other hand, your firm may have the expertise in-house, but not the bandwidth to resolve an influx of IT support tickets. Having enough resources to manage tech support for an entire firm can be all-consuming, and prioritizing tech support with other urgent projects and activities can be challenging.

If your firm is showing any of the signs above, you could be operating at lower efficiency and wasting valuable time and resources. This is not only frustrating for employees, but bad for the bottom line. Utilizing a help desk partnership is an excellent way of streamlining processes, creating additional resources for employees, improving efficiency and even increasing morale.  

When evaluating partners for your help desk, make sure that they have deep financial services industry knowledge and experience, are well known and recognized in the industry, and come with raving reviews. If your firm is global, make sure that they offer global support, and have engineers live 24x7x365. On top of this, having a partner who utilizes a service management system, or a ticketing and tracking system, will keep your tickets organized and helps streamline the client support.

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