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Product Spotlight: Eze Cyber

By Olivia Munro | Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

At Eze Castle Integration, we know that complete cybersecurity protection includes technology, polices and employee training. For alternative investment firms, having a robust cybersecurity strategy has become increasingly important to both investors and to the SEC. That's why Eze Castle Integration launched Eze Cyber, a comprehensive cybersecurity program specifically with the investment industry in mind.

Eze Cyber includes the technology, policies and training necessary for a robust strategy, but also features top-tier support from data privacy consultants and experts from our team. Eze Cyber is composed of four pillars: Active Threat Protection (ATP), Managed Phishing and Training, Vulnerability Assessments and Security Plan Development.

Eze Active Threat Protection (ATP): 

Eze ATP is the top tier of managed cybersecurity solutions. Eze ATP combines eSentire’s intrusion detection system with 24x7 monitoring to deliver real-time intrusion protection and prevention. If, or rather when, security analysts identify a security incident, the Eze Castle security team will handle both the incident response and remediation.

Vulnerability Assessments:

Eze Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services identify potential vulnerabilities that exist inside and outside the network as well as devices, applications and wireless security.

The Eze team will use vulnerability management and assessment technology to scan for malware, viruses, backdoors, host communicating with botnet-infected systems, and web services linking to malicious content in both internal and external facing environments. Once the vulnerability and pen tests are complete, the Eze team will provide the findings and recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities. Clients can then conduct the remediation in-house, or Eze can manage the remediation process.

Managed Phishing and Training:

The Eze Phishing & Training Service is a fully-managed cyber training solution to test employees’ responses to phishing attacks. Eze deploys a controlled phishing simulation and provides immediate security education. This service includes on-demand interactive security training for employees as well as quarterly reports to summarize the phishing tests and training completion results.

Cybersecurity Program Development Services:

One of the most important pillars of Eze Cyber is the Written Information Security Plan (WISP) service.

Eze WISP covers the creation, implementation, maintenance and auditing of information security policies and procedures. The Eze Data Privacy Consultants work with clients to document the administrative and technical safeguards in place to maintain confidential data is protected. The Eze team can also audit existing WISPs and provide training for employees.

To embrace a true “security first” posture, it is imperative that your firm have the proper cybersecurity safeguards, both administrative and technical. Additionally, depending on whether your firm is registered with the SEC, some of these cybersecurity services or measures may be legally required.

For more information on Eze Cyber, or for a consultation on your existing cybersecurity protections, contact us here.

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