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Five Benefits of Using a Managed Services Provider for Law Firms

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Technology has changed the working world and continues to do so as it evolves at a rapid speed. Law firms around the globe have seen a significant improvement in the speed and efficiencies of business processes, gained from IT advances over the past two decades.

Equally, the number of threats and risks targeting firms are on the rise. Cyber-attacks and social engineering methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated and deceptive in their approach to steal confidential client and firm data. For example, law firm Mossack Fonseca was under international scrutiny when more than 11.5 million firm documents, coined as ‘The Panama Papers’, were leaked in 2017. More recently, we’ve seen reputable businesses such as Facebook and British Airways fall victim to malicious breaches. As a result, firms and their clients are becoming more risk averse and paying greater attention to the security measures and practices in place to protect their reputation. And, with October globally recognised as ‘Cybersecurity Awareness Month’, there is no better time for firms to assess and strengthen any defence practices in place.

The support of a trusted managed services provider can help your firm keep on top of all things IT and leverage new innovations to retain and build your client base - all whilst boosting your operating efficiency as a business. Consider these top five reasons for partnering with a trusted managed services provider to see how you can take your firm to the next level.

1. Unlimited Access to Technical Experts

Just like the law, technology is constantly changing. So, to leverage new opportunities and be proactive against threats, you’ll need to stay ahead of the IT growth curve. Partnering with a trusted managed services provider gives you unlimited access to a team of technical experts and consultants. They’ll act as extension to your business, guiding you on the right IT solutions for your firm as well as seamlessly delivering any changes.

2. Bulletproof Your Security Practices

Rising trends such as ‘bring your own device’ and remote working have reinforced legal firms as top targets, exposing them to greater risks. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  A single security breach can put your reputation and revenue on the line, so it’s integral your firm has the right security practices in place. Your business is in safe hands with a managed services provider. As specialists in supporting sensitive and vulnerable firms, they’ll bulletproof your IT infrastructure and processes, and provide ongoing training to your employees as an added layer of security – ensuring your firm and its users are well-equipped in case disaster strikes.   

3. Become Future-Proof and Ever-Compliant

Failing to keep up with changing laws and compliances can result in your firm having to pay hefty fines or facing worse consequences. Let a managed services provider share the burden of keeping up with software and hardware updates with your in-house IT team. With so much else to do, it helps to know that your firm is always up-to-date and compliant with ever-changing government regulations.

4. Go Cloud to Access Files Whilst On-the-Go

A managed services provider can offer law firms a single, secure cloud environment for data, resources and applications to reside. Taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered by cloud solutions means there’s no need to worrying about forgetting an important document needed in court or at a client meeting anymore. Your firm and associates will have on-demand access to documents and files anytime, anywhere. Additionally, firms operating from multiple offices and locations can trust the cloud to remained synced at-all-times.

5. Unlock 24x7x365 Support and Monitoring

It’s difficult for an in-house IT team to juggle monitoring environments for threats, on top of handling day-to-day technical operations, and in-between working on achieving strategic IT goals. If either of these are overlooked, your firm could end up compromising on security, productivity or growth. So, it makes sense to consider having a dedicated expert in place to take full responsibility of monitoring and controlling any data breaches or cyber-attacks in your threat landscape.

Overall, there are many benefits to partnering with a managed IT services provider. If you’d like to learn more about how to protect your law firm against cyber-threats, or to boost the efficiency of your technical operations, visit

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