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Eze Voice Product in the Spotlight

By Olivia Munro | Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Since its launch, our Eze Voice offering has been providing clients reliable service for their workplace communication needs. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our VoIP offering, Eze Voice is a cloud-based solution that combines high levels of redundancy and quality of service with the other features that the financial industry requires. The platform uses our global private cloud infrastructure, the Eze Private Cloud, and is ideal for firms that require flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that accompany cloud-based services.

On top of the flexibility and cost-effective nature of hosted voice, additional benefits of using a hosted voice platform include unlimited calling minutes, business continuity, and functionality and connectivity for remote or mobile workers. 

How does it work?


Since the launch, Eze Castle Integration has been continually making improvements to Eze Voice to ensure we're providing our clients with a best-in-class product. New features include:

  • Increased Redundancy: Since inception, we've added additional data centers in geographically diverse locations to keep the system redundant. If one data center experiences downtime due to weather or other circumstances, we have other data centers on the opposite coast to rely on. This East West pairing improves redundancy on a larger scale.

  • Enhanced Security: As always, security is at the forefront of everything that we do. VoIP networks require layers of security, including security technology components (SBC's, firewalls, etc.), architecture and network design (NAT, VPN, port security, etc.), network management, and endpoint access and authentication. We've recently added enhanced endpoint security and updated all security certificates to maintain secure connections.

  • Improved Support: There are now more options to ensure quality of service, with Eze Castle's engineers managing the network and ensuring the clearest sound quality.

  • Increased Flexibility: Now, smaller firms can have access to Eze Voice, which was previously only available with ECI Net.

With these improvements noted, there are new and exciting product improvements coming in the near future (that we aren't allowed to talk about just yet!).

For more information on Eze Voice or for a consultation with one of our technology experts, contact us here.

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