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The Starting Blocks to Bulletproofing Your Network

By Olivia Munro,
Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Today, security threats are ever present and constantly evolving, keeping firms on their toes and cybersecurity in the headlines. Financial institutions need to ensure that their network and systems are running smoothly and their data is safe and sound. At Eze Castle Integration, we believe in employing a layered approach to cybersecurity, meaning, having layers of technology in addition to policies and procedures in place to ensure security. Some of our top tips for bulletproofing your firm's network include:

Create an Internal Culture of Security

Your network is susceptible to both internal and external threats. It is crucial for firms to have employee security training in place and have policies and procedures to keep their network secure. Examples of essential policies to have in place include:

  • Access Control Policy: Provides authority for managing and granting access to different systems

  • Acceptable Use Policy: Details the acceptable use of Internet and Social Media on the company network

  • Incident Response Policy: Outlines requirements and procedures for handling an information security breach

  • Mobile Device Management Policy: Requirements for use of personal devices while at work

Additionally, adhering to the principle of least authority, also known as the principle of least privilege, will also ensure that only those who need to access certain websites, applications, or systems are able to. This can mitigate threats and exposes fewer employees to sensitive information and can ensure that there isn't an accidental, or malicious, breach. As we always say here at Eze, a culture of security starts at the top, so educating and having management buy-in is crucial to creating an internal culture of security.

The Basics

On a basic level, firms should utilize anti-virus software and network firewalls, which will reduce traffic to the firm's network. Ensure that anti-virus software and all programs are up to date so that hackers and malware aren't able to sneak into the system. Additionally, making sure that all patches are deployed in a timely manner is a security best practice, and there can be serious implications on your firm's security if you are not patching properly

Active Threat Protection

With Eze Active Threat Protection, or Eze ATP, firms can take a fully managed approach to secure their network. Eze ATP has a three step approach to threat protection:

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • 24x7 Monitoring

  • Incident Response

Eze ATP protects financial instructions from advanced persistent threats by combining an intrusion detection system with around the clock monitoring by security analysts. This delivers real-time intrusion protection and prevention. 



Once a threat is detected, Eze Castle Integration's security experts respond to the incident and remediate any findings. With this fully-managed approach, Eze Castle Integration acts as your only point of contact and includes 24x7x365 support, with detailed reports on a bi-annual basis.

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