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Top 5 Considerations for Moving to the Cloud + Webinar Replay

By Amisha Shah | Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Together with ACG, the Eze Castle Integration team explored top five considerations for investment firms looking to migrate to the cloud in a recent webinar.

Below is a summary of the top five considerations covered by our Vice President of Marketing Mary Beth Hamilton and Product Manager Tim Macdonald, as well as the full webinar replay.

1) When is the Right Time?

As a start-up firm, it is easy to make the decision to use the cloud from the get-go to avoid costs associated with Comm. Room buildouts. However, for existing firms with infrastructure its a bit trickier to distinguish the right time to make the move.

From our experience there are three ideal points in a firm’s lifecycle where it makes sense to consider a move to the cloud. These are:

- During an office relocation
- When adding a new application
- When undergoing an IT refresh

2) Cost Implications

There are unique cost differences between having an on-premise infrastructure or a cloud solution. One key difference is that firms will experience a substantial difference in terms of how the cost is spread out.

You’ll have a predictable per user/per month fee with the cloud solution. Which is turn allows your firm to budget and forecast spending without the fear of sudden server fails or having to worry about your next hardware refresh project. In addition to this, you won’t incur the big spikes that come with adding new applications, making new hires or outgrowing your infrastructure.

Moving to the cloud means your firm could contain costs and better allocate funds to other strategic projects.

3) Added Functionality

The cloud can deliver a full-scale package of resources for your firm, at a fraction of what it would cost you to procure them on your own.

Eze Castle Integration continues to upgrade its cloud environment with new and updated features and functionalities to create the best possible user experience for our clients, and most importantly, to keep up with opportunities and threats in the fast-moving IT landscape. A recent example is the hybrid cloud innovation Eze Castle Integration brings to the market by linking the Eze Private Cloud directly to the Microsoft Cloud.

4) IT Staff and Utilisation

Moving the daily responsibility of IT over to a cloud services provider can boost your firm’s operating efficiency and benefit your goals and objectives in the long run. Below are some of the most common staffing and utilisation reasons why firms move to the cloud:

  • A need to cut down on expenses by reducing headcount

  • Smaller firms would rather use a cloud solution than to hire and train a CTO or IT Director

  • Day-to-day IT operations take up too much time, causing IT staff to neglect higher-level projects and strategic goals

5) Security

With regulators and investors both increasing expectations on the security front, it’s imperative for firms to employ robust technology that can easily scale and meet growing demands.

Eze Castle Integration makes significant and broad investments in our cloud infrastructure, to build redundant layers of security across the cloud to mitigate risk and ensure operations. Furthermore, we’re partnered with leading companies that provide us with world-class intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.

Take a look at the full webinar replay to see case studies highlighting how firms like yours have benefited from moving to the cloud. 



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