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Cyber Tiers of Protection - How Does Your Firm Stack Up?

By Amanda Daly | Thursday, April 12th, 2018

More and more we are seeing firms falling short when it comes to protecting their firms from serious cybersecurity threats. Recently, we saw Saks, Lord & Taylor, and Under Armour get hit with a data breach. So, when it comes time to protect your firm, it's safe to say that less is definitely not more. In fact, it takes a pretty heavy arsenal of security measures to combat the ever-growing threats targeting your firm from both the inside and the outside.

But it may not be realistic for your firm to employ every cybersecurity technology/tool and develop and maintain a host of security policies - at least not from day one.

Our Cybersecurity Tiers Guide dives into some of the cybersecurity protections that should be on your list. You’ll notice we’ve divided them by tiers, because, well, you’ll need to decide how much of your time, budget and resources are spent protecting your firm’s assets. If you don't have time for the full guide, here are the cliffsnotes.

Tier 0:Cybersecurity Tiers

This is your basic level of protection because, well, your firm needs these basic security measures if you want to have any success in thwarting cyber risks. Your firm should have perimeter & network security, access control measures, policies & procedures, and ensuring your employees are well trained.

Tier 1:

This is your standard level of protection. We find that many firms are falling into this tier, which is a good thing! Your firm will need the same cybersecurity protections as those in Tier 0, but this level of protection will take a deeper dive and address network security and highlights the need for ongoing employee information security awareness.

Tier 2:

This tier can be considered advanced as we dive into security policies such as intrusion detection/prevention and storage encryption. However, many of these protections are fast-becoming the norm for smaller firms hoping to demonstrate to institutional investors their commitment to cybersecurity. These firms are able to leverage managed service providers to add strategic value to their businesses –without having to manage these advanced technologies on their own.

Download your copy of "20 Steps to Create a Cybersecurity Framework" today to learn more about what each tier entails!

A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity eBook

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