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Why Eze Castle Loves Technology: In Honor of Valentine's Day!

By Amanda Daly | Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Without a doubt, technology has shaped nearly every aspect of the way we live and work today. From the way we communicate with one another to the way we travel from one location to another to the way we obtain and share information, we are constantly relying on technology to enable our most basic daily activities.

Here at Eze Castle Integration, as in most organizations, technology plays an integral role in all aspects of our operations (and services!) - the work we do today would nearly be impossible!

Check out what some of Eze Employees like best about technology!

"I love technology because it’s ever evolving. There is always something new to learn and it forces change and progress." – Dan Lyons, Director, Business Development

"Why wouldn't I love technology? It's convenient and it's given me a job. Technology is the future!" – Aftab Kazmi, Systems Engineer 

"Technology opens the world up to new opportunities and new ideas" - Bob Guilbert, COO

"For me, technology is the key to breaking down the barriers that hold us back and stop us from achieving our full potential." – James R Wheadon, Solution Consultant

"Technology enhances my life every day and I couldn’t live without it."– Katie Gough, Business Development Manager

"Technology really does enable laziness and I love that.  And video games really do allow an escape – without those I’d never have made it at Eze. The ability to escape and lower my stress." – Jason Lisnak, Associate Director, Technology Services

"I love technology because it allows you to connect to others globally and improves process efficiencies" – Evelyn Villemaire, Product Manager

"I love technology because over time it enables the once only imaginable or even impossible." – Ryan Davidson, Sales Consultant 

Technology word cloud

We hope you enjoyed our thoughts on why we love technology!


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