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Internet Connectivity Matters: Here’s why financial firms better go private

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Thursday, January 25th, 2018

In the dot-com era, companies primarily relied on traditional networks to conduct transactions. As business needs evolved, companies demanded more flexibility and range from their networks. Eze Castle Integration has found global private networks offer the fastest, safest means to facilitate wide-area transport. While plenty of industries can benefit from our private networks, we've found financial and investment firms stand to profit most from their advantages.

Total Control

A portfolio manager may not understand the technical mechanics behind packet loss, but they'll certainly understand missing a trade because their internet connection is too slow. A traditional network's connection is highly dependent on their internet carrier and that dependency can interrupt their business in a number of ways. Here are two examples:

  • Technical issues, especially in overloaded areas, can result in a bottleneck of traffic.

  • Political issues, especially in competitive areas, result in two internet service providers warring with each other to sabotage the other's customers. A global private network neatly sidesteps these issues by providing end-to-end control without the push-and-pull of traditional networks.


E-LAN and VPLS are two terms used interchangeably, with VPLS referring to the underlying functionality that enables E-LAN. They offer similar benefits to that of an Ethernet switch in a single office with one major difference — E-LAN can be used on a global level. E-LAN is typically able to scale far better than point-to-point services, allowing communication across all locations a company may use. This connectivity includes not just physical locations, but also cloud-based terminals as well. The end result is predictable communication that financial service employees can count on when they need it the most.

Versatility for Financial Titans

It's easy to take internet connectivity for granted until you don't have it any longer. From voice to video services, financial professionals can't afford to take chances with their work. A private network can be the solution to getting the fastest possible service in any given area — whether traveling around the country or around the world. When once PDH or TDM networks may have been the only option, companies no longer have to settle for inconsistent connections that may interfere with their profitability.

Here at Eze Castle we have not only witnessed the evolution of internet connectivity, we've also been at the forefront of the revolution. It's our belief that private connections offer competitive benefits over traditional networks for financial and investment management firms. Learn more about the Eze Global Private Network here.

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