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UK Hedge Fund Regulation: What the experts are saying

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

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Last week at the Cavendish Hotel in London we hosted a seminar looking at developments in the hedge fund market with a close examination of impending regulation. This is a particularly timely topic as the EU governments continue to discuss backing hedge fund rules. Our moderator, Dominic Hobson of Global Custodian, was joined by panelists Bob Guilbert of Eze Castle Integration, Jerome Lussan of Laven Partners and Gus Black of Dechert.

Our esteemed panel provided a lively discussion of the impact of new regulations, the FSA’s raids and crackdowns on insider dealings and investors' due diligence processes. However, there was only so much that could be covered in an hour, so we’ve pulled together resources to help provide clarity on the regulatory landscape in the United Kingdom.

Let’s start at the top. Dechert created this 11-page Overview of the Financial Services Act 2010 report, which provides an introduction to the FS Bill, key provisions in the Bill and details on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) changes. The report highlights the following key changes in the FS Bill:

  • Consumer protection

  • Financial stability

  • Enhanced FSA powers

  • Enhanced Treasury powers

  • Extending the FSCS

  • Banking Act 2009

Earlier this year Laven Partners published a presentation on The Future of the Alternative Investment Industry Under New Regulation. This report explores:

  • Overcoming regulatory fears and capitalizing on opportunities

  • Self-regulation versus external regulation

  • What the industry needs to do to profit from regulation of the sector

  • How the hedge fund industry can prepare for compliance

Last but not least Eze Castle Integration along with Pershing Prime Services has created a comprehensive report on Establishing a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, which are key components to achieve compliance with UK and US hedge fund regulations.


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