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How an Effective Data Aggregation Engine Increases Productivity Efficiency

By Ledgex Systems | Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

The following article was contributed by Ledgex Systems, a provider of portfolio visualization and research management solutions for endowments and foundations, family offices, wealth advisors, pensions, consultants, funds of funds, hedge funds and private equity firms.

It’s time to select a research management system to help your firm serve investment needs and easily manage portfolios, and there’s a lot to consider when finding the right tool. While it might not be the first thing you think of when selecting a new research and portfolio management utility, any system you select must include an effective data aggregation and integration engine to be truly effective.

Why Portfolio and Research Management Systems Need an Integrated Data Aggregation Engine

Your portfolio management software is only as strong as its research and reporting capabilities. To deliver the results your clients want while staying responsive to changes in the market, your firm must be able to systematically manage both client portfolios and research in an all-in-one system. Driving this system behind the scenes, there needs to a robust and fully integrated data aggregation engine to enable efficiencies and data-driven decisions.

Such a data aggregation engine has the tools and capacity needed to highlight the intricacies of your managers, their investments and your firm, making connections transparent. Using the engine, your users can generate accurate, up to the minute performance reports, audit activity, and track variables to enhance decision making. Data can be pulled in from third-party applications seamlessly, to ensure data accuracy, increase efficiency and improve real-time reporting capabilities.

Ledgex Improves Data Aggregation

In its data aggregation engine, Ledgex acts as an outsourced Analyst team, collecting and inputting all your investment data, across all asset classes, in real time. When your users enter the platform, they’ll have what they need to make the best decisions for your clients.

All data points your funds report are captured as a time-series, then standardized in your preferred format. Legacy data can be digitized, to deliver a full fund report back to the date of inception. This reduces the time users spend researching fund performance history elsewhere, while making staff more efficient.

A powerful API links your financial data to Ledgex. This reduces the need for manual data entry and ensures your financial advisors always see the latest data.

To illustrate the system’s capabilities with an example, imagine users sorting data by industry, style, or country to determine whether there’s a correlation between exposures and returns. Attribution data avoids style drift and highlights where performance is generated, bringing relationships into high relief. With these insights at a glance, users can make better and faster decision regarding investments, funds, and client portfolios.

Ledgex can help unburden your firm by aggregating all of your data in a centralized portfolio and research management platform, unleashing your performance capabilities. Learn more about the powerful integrated data aggregation engine powering Ledgex tools, or request a demo to see the system in action.

About Ledgex Systems

Ledgex Systems is transforming the way endowments and foundations, family offices, wealth advisors, pensions, consultants, funds of funds, hedge funds and private equity firms manage their portfolios and client relations, make investment decisions and meet investor demands. The powerful Ledgex platform is an integrated technology suite that streamlines front and middle office functions of investment management firms. The comprehensive suite delivers solutions for: Portfolio Management & Analytics, Research Management and Due Diligence, Liquidity Management, Investor CRM.


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