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Taking Control of Data with Varonis DatAdvantage

By Amanda Daly | Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

The most vital asset of a business is their data, and protecting your data is becoming more and more challenging. In our recent blog, Is Your Data Dirty? Data Hygiene Best Practices for Financial Services, we talk about securing your data and eliminating data that is no longer of appropriate use for your company. In doing so, you can help safeguard your firm.

“Dirty data” can include forgotten data, old reports, archived emails, and more. Duplicate data is similar to that of forgotten data because it is sometimes unknown that the copy exists. Not having a firm handle on the data within your organization can increase storage costs, complicate IT environments and ultimately make your firm vulnerability to cybersecurity events.

Beyond Internal Data Hygiene

Going beyond understanding where your sensitive data lives and practicing good internal data hygiene, firms need to understand where it is overexposed, how it is being accessed and how to protect it.

To help clients take control of their data, we encourage firms to take advantage of file auditing tools such as Varonis’ DatAdvantage, which provide insight into when and by whom corporate files are opened, edited or shared. DatAdvantage, which is included with our Eze Cloud Solutions, also aids in identifying stale (i.e. dirty) data that is no longer accessed by actual humans.

Additional benefits of DatAdvantage include:

  • Monitoring All Real-Time Access: Varonis monitors every open, create, delete, and move event, every email sent and received that any individual generates. You see who accessed data, the action they performed, the name and type of the accessed file or email, the folder the file is stored in or moved to, and when.

  • Identifying Excess Access: By combining the permissions data, the access events, and sophisticated data analysis, Varonis determines where users may have excessive permissions, and makes recommendations on how access can be restricted without effecting normal business activity.

  • Prioritizing a Firms’ Risk: Using permissions metadata, audit activity, user and group information, and content classification, Varonis DatAdvantage automatically creates list of folders that need be addressed—prioritized by risk. Folders that contain a large percentage of sensitive data AND have excessive permissions are listed at the top.

To learn more about DatAdvantage or the other protections included in our Eze Cloud Solutions, contact us.

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