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Teaming with Liquidnet, Plus MiFID II Impact on Dark Pools

By Mary Beth Hamilton | Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Eze Castle Integration recently announced an expanded relationship with Liquidnet, a company historically known for their global institutional dark pool trading network that connects asset managers with liquidity. With the topic of dark pools on our minds and the European regulation MiFID II looming we started wondering about coming changes.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, “…MiFID II, just six months away, looms large over European operators of dark pools -- they introduce a cap on transactions that would by one estimate bar three quarters of big European stocks from the trading venues. Investors love dark pools because they allow them to trade big orders without tipping off the market to their intentions. That demand isn’t going anywhere, so firms have been rushing to roll out services that allow investors to sidestep the rules.”

To assist firms in determining if and how they may be affected, Liquidnet published the following chart. (Disclaimer, this chart is just for reference and firms should always check with legal counsel for individual guidance.)

Liquidnet chart
Source: Liquidnet

Now back to the Eze Castle Integration and Liquidnet relationship.

Through this partnership, Eze Cloud clients benefit from enhanced, enterprise-level connectivity to the Liquidnet network while gaining greater security, control and quality of service.  An added benefit, the enhanced direct connectivity between the firms delivers a streamlined implementation, enables efficient operations and maintenance, and provides a robust disaster recovery platform for investment management clients.

Eze Castle’s cloud platforms are enhanced through its ECI Link Network, a global private network that combines business applications, Internet, FIX, market data, and voice connectivity over a single, converged network to power a firm’s trading operations. Liquidnet is the global institutional trading network where more than 850 of the world’s top asset managers and other like-minded investors come to execute their large trades with maximum anonymity and minimum market impact.

Demand for direct and seamless connectivity from Eze Castle’s global network and cloud platform to peer transaction networks continues to grow. By enhancing our enterprise-level connectivity to Liquidnet’s global trading network, we address this demand and deliver value to our combined clients through secure, simplified operations and full, end-to-end management,” said Mark Coriaty, chief strategy officer at Eze Castle Integration.

“Today’s dynamic trading environment requires traders to have dependable, direct connectivity to the venues that matter the most. We are pleased to expand our long-standing partnering with Eze Castle Integration to ensure that our shared buy-side customers always have the accessibility they need to execute their trades with Liquidnet,” said Natasha Shamis, Global Head of Product at Liquidnet.

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